Welcome to Itinerarie!

This is a short questionnaire about
transportation decisions.

Choose activities you might do this weekend!

Now that you have activities...

We want to know how you will get to them! For each you have a choice between

Renting a Hubway
Taking Public Transportation
Calling an Uber

We will also show you the estimated time and money required to use each one.

How are you going to get to ?

$ min
$ min
$ min
$ min

Good work! But...

Were you thinking of the environment when you were making your transportation decisions?

Let's go through your day again, but now you'll see the carbon emitted from each choice too.

Try reducing your carbon footprint!

How are you going to get to ?

$ min lbs
$ min lbs
$ min lbs
$ min lbs

Your environmental impact didn't change between rounds, and that's ok!

Keep in mind that your choices released

lbs of CO2

During the second round, you consumed

more lbs of CO2

By spending an extra


You saved minutes, AND

You saved

lbs of CO2

One mature tree

can only absorb

0.13 lbs of CO2 a day

lbs of CO2 is the equivalent of

trees' daily CO2 intake!

CO2 is one of the leading contributors to air pollution and climate change. Collectively, our decisions can make a difference.

If 1000 other MIT students changed their decisions like you did, we would savespend an extra

lbs of CO2 in just one weekend!

Some tips for making greener choices...

Click on a suggestion to find out more!

Hubway locations are common. There's even a renting location outside the Student Center. Fees are relatively low and biking in Cambridge can be faster and greener for the environment

Public transportation offers a carbon emission per passenger that is often half that of driving a personal vehicle. Opting for the T instead of calling an Uber can help reduce your contributed emissions

Since personal vehicles generate a large amount of carbon emission, using Uber pool and carpooling in general lead to a much lower collective carbon release.

Remember the environment when making transportation decisions!